PlantStudio 2.10

Free botanical Illustration tool to create 3D pictures of herbaceous plants

PlantStudio is a great tool for creating all types of plants and botanical illustrations. Plant Studio allows users to simulate herbaceous (non-woody) plants like wildflowers and cut flowers, vegetables, weeds, grasses, bushes, shrubs and herbs using a parameter-driven simulation (with over 200 parameters) of growth and structure. PlantStudio allows users to create their own plants through a step-by-step process. It also allows users to watch their plants grow, to see the relationship between different parts of the plants and to watch what happens when different factors of a plant change, like flowers, fruits etc. With PlantStudio, users can grow plants through the whole life cycle and produce images of plants at different ages. PlantStudio allows users to draw, design and breed new varieties of plants. With PlantStudio users can create their own leaves, special bouquets, outdoor scenes and other 3D structures. By using the plant breeder feature of PlantStudio, users can quickly and easily create whole families of unique plants for 3D scenes. PlantStudio allows users to save their plants as 3DS, DXF, WRL OBJ, POV, LWO and as animated images. PlantStudio is a compact, quick, simple and multi-purpose tool useful for botanic students, gardeners and researchers. Students can use this tool to watch how plants grow and to learn botanical terms and modeling methods. PlantStudio is an excellent tool as it can generate an unlimited number of living plants, real and imaginary. Interestingly, this tool is absolutely free to download and install.

maitri shah
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  • Does gardens and small flowering plants very nicely
  • Great deal of parameter control in real botanical terms
  • Free software
  • Easy to use
  • Good 3D Quality
  • User-friendly


  • Does not work on Linux
  • Uses a dated, built-in software renderer instead of a 3D API
  • 3D output is limited to POV and DXF
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